PRONACOMPrograma Nacional de Competitividad (Guatemala)
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PRONACOM's director, Ruben Morales, was on hand to impress upon the media how "very important" it is, and will continue to be, for the government to identify priorities.
The private sector lobbied the Berger government to initiate PRONACOM in 2004.
Essential to PRONACOM's success is Axis 5, the main elements of which are the hydroelectric dams, geothermal-energy development, development of oil resources, biofuels, and the road, airport, and seaport programs.
In its bid for continued life in the new administration, PRONACOM claims some impressive achievements, including closing out 2006 with US$354 in foreign direct investment (FDI), 36% better than the previous year.
Seidner stepped up to take credit here, too, with the uncontested claim that a program within PRONACOM, Invest in Guatemala, facilitated the creation of new national and international businesses over the four-year period, adding up to about US$7 billion.