PRONALProyecto Nacional (Spanish: National Project, Nicaragua)
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Pronal uses its proprietary hot vulcanization process in an autoclave to give the fuel tanks a 100 percent homogenous reliable body, certifying them for use as aircraft fuel bladders under QAC 153, TSO C 80, and JTSO C 80 under the Joint Aviation Authority, the European equivalent of the FAA.
Only PRONAL and MRS have won enough votes in the last general election to gain legal standing as registered parties.
Readers wanting more information should contact Pronal at ZI Roubaix est, BP 18, 59115 Leers, France, fax:+33 3 20 99 75 20.
Pronal in Leers, France, has developed a line of inflatable cushions that can lift up to 70 metric tons of rubble to speed rescue operations conducted in the wake of earthquakes, industrial disasters, or vehicular accidents.
The Pronal Aircraft Recovery Cushion (PAC) is a lifting system consisting of various inflatable and independent chambers or compartments that are made from heavy-duty reinforced rubber that enables it to lift disabled aircraft without causing secondary damage.
The cushions, designed by Pronal, an elastomer manufacturer based in Leers, France, can raise airplanes weighing up to 40 metric tons as high as 22 feet.