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PROPProperty (theater and movie studios; real estate)
PROPPhysicians for Responsible Opioid Prescribing (various locations)
PROPPolice Reform Organizing Project (New York)
PROPProgrammable Operating
PROPPersonal Roving Presence
PROPProfessional Recyclers of Pennsylvania
PROPPlans to Resources to Outcome Process
PROPPouvoir Rassemblement des Organisations Populaires (French: Popular Organizations Gathering Power, Haiti)
PROPPersonnel Research Online Papers
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Regardless of the material used, a fixed-pitch prop is one whose blades cannot be pivoted in their hubs to change their angle of attack.
Prop C passed with wide enthusiasm on election day, gaining ( nearly 60 percent of the vote.
You may have an advantage with a college or university qualification such as BTEC Level 3 Certificate or Diploma in Production Arts, BTEC Level 4 HNC and Level 5 HND in Performing Arts (Production), a degree or foundation degree in set design or prop making or a drama school diploma in stage design or technical theatre.
Still, one chapter could not fully explain the complexities of running a prop shop, so in 2008, she wrote and published her website, the Properties Directors Handbook: Props for the Theatre (
The company has recently created custom backdrop-like props made of foam and hand painted, that can be mainly used as Halloween decorations or converting garages into haunted houses.
The remainder of the proposed regulations provides rules for income in investment of working capital (Prop. Regs.
Many variables need consideration in prop selection, such as boat-hull design, boat loading, boat use, motor size, motor mounting, and water temperature.
Prop. 36 was designed to improve public safety by decreasing drug-related crime, reduce costs by reserving jail and prison space for serious and violent offenders, and improve public health by reducing drug abuse using effective treatment strategies (Drug Policy Alliance 2006).
The basics of prop technology remain largely the same.
David Westerfield, CEO of Westerfield Management, which runs both Showbiz and PrimeTime dance competitions, has seen prop malfunctions affect a performer's successes too many times.