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Unfortunately, the controversy over Prop 209 shows that the sensible middle way is likely to turn into a deserted, cratered no-man's-land in the political trench war between the demagogues of the right and the demagogues of the left.
The research began to reveal a subset of people who seemed unusually attuned to the bitter taste of PROP.
If anything, says Dale Gieringer, head of the California chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws and a co-organizer of the Prop.
On a constant-speed prop, if you see grease, oil or red dye leaking onto the prop blades from the hub, don't delay addressing the issue.
There is also a limited exception for continuation of certain benefits, including health insurance and moving expenses, under Prop.
LAWA recently unveiled schematic plans for the prop park, which would house up to 259 small aircraft - nearly half the propeller planes currently at the airport - at Balboa, between Saticoy Avenue and Roscoe Boulevard, the site of the former Air National Guard facility.
The state and local governments face huge budget deficits--more than $10 billion a year at the state level for each of the last three years--and the attack on Prop.
But the overriding reality is that the old guys working with slide rules during the 1940s largely nailed down a good understanding of prop efficiency.
27) See Notice 2005-1, note 4 supra, Q&A-4; and Prop.
The type of information that must be provided depends on whether the partnership or S Corporation uses the small business simplified overall method described in Prop.