PROPAPeace River Organic Producers Association (Canada)
PROPAPuerto Rican Organization for the Performing Arts
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Sachs in New York (1973), where the court ordered bilingual election materials including the use of translators; (2) the Puerto Rican Organisation for Political Action (PROPA) v.
Tony Dawber (@Tonydawber) said: "RIP Lee Quinn, propa (sic) genuine fella, gutted, will be sadly missed."
Little wonder a bewildered, angry electorate can so easily buy into the dangerous propa ganda of fear sounded by Ukip.
As Dyer himself would say if he had the guts to go to this ruthless derby: these firms can get propa nawty.
Bel(P, prop3, t) [conjunction] Bel(P, prop4, t) [right arrow] Bel(P, CONF(prop3, propA, t, t, [C.sub.prop3], [C.sub.prop4]), t),
Yeah, and we're about to put your flames out good and propa' this afternoon.
Heartfeit dawg, huntin' dawg, foreign dawg but propa. (50) Dawg that sleeps, rustic, crazy dawg always wanderin' 'round.
and CSA B149.1-00 National Standard of Canada, Natural Gas and Propa ne Installation Code (CSA 2000) in Canada, recommend deratings for all appliances, subject to certification.
Sometimes they wear hats or caps - but a titfa is no substitute for a propa characta.
In structural design, the conventional design is mainly based on the tensile strength, yield strength and buckling stress, this design will completely fail to work if there is likelihood of cracks in the material used which can cause failure due to crack propa gation.