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PROPANEPropagation Analysis Environment
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Selph's Propane is an independent propane retailer based in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.
8220;As the supply of propane produced from domestic natural gas and oil has increased, our industry has become an even more important contributor to the U.
My wife, Carolyn, and I tested the Exmark LazerZ propane mower with a 60-inch deck, as well as a similarly equipped Kubota ZP330P.
Fast-growing HPX, the countrya[euro](tm)s largest propane cylinder exchange company, serves the eastern two thirds of the US.
Propane is a low-carbon alternative fuel that emits significantly lower amounts of greenhouse gases and smog-producing hydrocarbons than conventional fuels emit.
Scientists had thought that propane and ethane could be produced only in the same way that petroleum is--by great heat applied to ancient, buried material.
Heat can produce propane and ethane only at spots along cracks in Earth's crust where the planet's internal heat escapes but is then trapped by thick layers of sediment overlying the crust.
Maloof claimed he was entitled to increase his basis in the stock of Level Propane by $4 million because he personally had guaranteed the loan, pledged stock to secure it and incurred a cost when he lost "control" of Level Propane.
When they are in the Antelope Valley, we want them to run on propane.
Propane competes mostly with other fuels also derived from crude oil, and the cost of oil is thus the main force behind propane prices.
There are serious penalties for violating the rule requiring a current permit and vehicle decal when transporting propane cylinders, and for violating the rules regulating the sale and the weight load restrictions when transporting propane gas cylinders.