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PROPELPassionate Rational Objectivists Promoting Exuberant Living (trademark of Rebirth of Reason)
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Both PROPEL and PROPEL mini are indicated for use following ethmoid sinus surgery.
Rob Elam, CEO of Propel, said, 'Propel is a totally customer focused company, and every single day we engage with drivers across California.
As well as investing in Propel, BBVA has also made direct investments in financial technology companies to support their development and as part of its digital transformation program.
In addition to the oil production increase, Propel SSP simplified hydraulic fracturing operations by reducing fluid additive consumption by 77 percent and pumping time by 14 percent.
Wells Fargo & Company (NYSE:WFC) has announced the launch of its new Wells Fargo Propel American Express Card, the third offering in the company's range of American Express Cards (NYSE: AXP) including the Propel 365 Card and Propel World Card.
Propel Manila is a digital creative agency that is addicted to everyday human behaviours that enable the birth of strategy, conversations, and innovation at the most exciting consumer touch-points.
JC Valenzuela, Founder & CEO of Propel Manila adds, "Alliances with SMG, enable Propel Manila & Rich Media Manila to continue to be agile and responsive to consumer shifts as smart devices continue to explode, and content progressively becomes 'lean-forward' in nature.
This project highlights the Lorentz Formula to determine if magnetohydrodynamic propulsion can be achieved and used to propel a boat at a similar speed as a traditionally propelled boat.
Propel reduces the amount of time patients are in braces or clear aligners by working with the body's own natural biology to stimulate the bone surrounding the teeth, helping the teeth to move faster.
Technology solutions provider HP (NYSE: HPQ) on Tuesday introduced HP Propel, a cloud-based service solution that enables IT organisations to deliver self-service capabilities to end users.
The company has Cindy Crawford endorsing new Propel Zero and held a weeklong flavor celebration for Frito-Lay in Times Square.
The Pittsburgh Passion, the world champions of the National Women's Football League, and Propel Schools kicked off its second season of DREAMS (Developing Responsible Empowered Motivated Students) this spring.