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PROPMANProperty Management
PROPMANProperty Manager (software)
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EXHIBIT 1 Variables Used in the Models The two logistic regression equations took the following form: log [[Pi].sub.[Iota]]/1-[[Pi].sub.[Iota]] = log[O.sub.i(eayes)] = [Alpha] + [[Beta].sub.1](PROPMAN) + [B.sub.2](PROPDIR) + [B.sub.3](SIZEPACT) + [B.sub.4](DEBTA) where [O.sub.i(eayes)] = the conditional odds of a family business adopting an external audit.
A univariate comparison of organizations revealed significant differences (PROPDIR (t(184) = 4.27, p [is less than] .0005) and PROPMAN (t(184) = 4.57, p [is less than] .0005)) in the expected direction for the two measures capturing separation of ownership and control in family business (refer to Table 3).
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