PROQPerson's Relating to Others Questionnaire
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Grad-seq guides the discovery of ProQ as a major small RNA-binding protein.
Selected key genetic features for zoonotic source prediction of Salmonella enterica serotype Typhimurium using a Random Forest classifier Affected Feature rank * gene Feature type 1 fiiC Single-nucleotide polymorphism 5 traA Accessory gene 6 spvB Accessory gene 9 1930 ([dagger]) Accessory gene 11 1874 ([dagger]) Indel 13-15, 28 cusCFBA Accessory gene 16 silP Accessory gene 21 yafA Accessory gene 24 sspH2 Accessory gene 27 0286A ([dagger]) Accessory gene 31 pipB2 Accessory gene 32 proQ Accessory gene 34 spvD Accessory gene 37 Trap Accessory gene 39 yhfL Indel 41 0835 ([dagger]) Accessory gene 43 traJ Accessory gene 45 yceA Accessory gene 46 exc Accessory gene Feature rank * Gene function (reference) 1 Motility, serotype diversity, intestinal colonization (16) 5 Pilin precursor.
Silver-stained, ProQ Diamond, and ProQ Emerald gel images were analyzed with Phoretix 2D V2.0 software (Nonlinear dynamics L.T.D.).
The ProQ server showed an LG score of 3.651 (LG score > 2.5 indicates very good model) and MaxSub score of 0.500 (MaxSub >0.5 indicates very good model), ensuring the "very good" quality of the predicted protein model.
To test our hypothesis that barnacle glue contains phosphoproteins, we stained proteins of uncured barnacle glue, separated by SDS-PAGE, using ProQ Diamond, a phosphoprotein-specific stain (Fig.
Phosphorylated proteins at approximately 100 and 28 kDa that were observed by ProQ Diamond phosphoprotein stain were identified by Western blot.
he phosphorylation state of control and anoxic LDH was assessed using ProQ Diamond phosphoprotein staining of an SDS gel containing partially purified LDH.
Soluble (cytosolic) and membrane bound proteins were separated by SDS-PAGE and the gel was stained with ProQ Diamond to detect phosphoproteins in each sample.