PROSECProcedural Security
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Fayyad said ProSec stopped using the phony devices several years ago and now uses under-car mirrors.
O presente estudo analisou de forma seccional os dados da linha de base do Estudo de Coorte em Trabalhadores do Instituto de Pesquisa Clinica Evandro Chagas - Programa de Saude do IPEC (PROSEC), obtidos entre 2004 e 2005, por meio de questionario estruturado autopreenchivel, aplicado no local de trabalho por equipe previamente treinada.
The complex will become the corporate headquarters for the group which consists of E B Security Ltd, E B Agency Services Ltd, E B Systems Ltd, Norwich Premier Security Services Ltd, Prosec International, Burton International Ltd and Endeavour Security Ltd.
Jools Townsend, head of education at Brake says: "We welcome these new prosec ution guidelines, which recognise that using a mobile while driving is an incredibly dangerous act.
Como consecuencia del impacto economico de la entrada en vigor de este articulo, se instauraron los PROSEC, que permiten la importacion definitiva de materias primas, partes y componentes con aranceles preferenciales hasta de cero por ciento, lo que devuelve las empresas extranjeras la competitividad.
To alleviate the impact on maquiladoras that employ equipment from outside the NAFTA area, the Mexican government introduced sectorial promotion (PROSEC) programs to reduce or eliminate tariffs on selected industries.
has signed an agreement to supply customized wireless tracking and security systems to Prosec Protection Systems Inc.
Although a mechanism already exists to provide non-Nafta in-bond manufacturers with some tariff relief on inputs, the scheme, called the Sector Promotions Program (Prosec), doesn't universally eliminate raw material duties levied on businesses from outside North America.
(10) However there are exceptions for those industries covered by Mexico's new special sector programs (PROSEC) or where products are imported under the provisions of one of Mexico's many other free trade agreements.