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PROSTATEPhysicians for Rational Ordering of Screening Tests And Therapeutic Effectiveness
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This study will provide data on the ability of OGX-011 to enhance the activity of hormone ablation therapy in prostate cancer.
In the current study, researchers examined the growth of normal and arsenic-transformed human prostate epithelial cells.
The researchers recruited nearly 700 men who had just been diagnosed with prostate tumors, were less than 75 years old, and were healthy enough, aside from the cancer, to live at least 10 more years.
Two of the four men in the Rams' ``Fearsome Foursome'' survived prostate cancer, and Grier wants to let people know about the foundation's research efforts.
The odds of surviving prostate cancer for five years are 98 percent, up from 67 percent in the mid-1970s.
New research shows that men with the highest blood levels of vitamin E were five times less likely to develop prostate cancer.
Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in American men (Crawford 2003).
The study demonstrated that if a PCA3 DD3 test were negative for prostate cancer, there would be a 90% chance that a subsequent biopsy would be negative.
For the vast majority of men, the problem is bothersome lower urinary tract symptoms, not prostate cancer," says physician Timothy Wilt.
Among the approximately 200,000 cases of actual prostate cancer detected each year, as many as 70,000 are slow-growing cancers unlikely to cause serious disease in the man's lifetime.
Guests will get a packet of information about prostate cancer, its detection and options for treatment.