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PROUDPet Rescue Of Unwanted Dogs (Kingsburg, CA)
PROUDPeople Reaching Out for Unity and Diversity (Ferguson, MO)
PROUDPeacefully Resolving Our Unsettled Differences (Florida)
PROUDPrecision Reconciliation of Official Undistributed Disbursements (The Columbia Group)
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'I have come from a lady's work-box,' said Darning-needle, 'and this lady was a cook; she had five fingers on each hand; anything so proud as these fingers I have never seen!
'Of noble birth!' said the Darning-needle; 'no indeed, but proud! They were five brothers, all called ''Fingers.'' They held themselves proudly one against the other, although they were of different sizes.
The fact that the individual has behind and surrounding him proud family history and connection serves as a stimulus to help him to overcome obstacles when striving for success.
This I have said here, not to call attention to myself as an individual, but to the race to which I am proud to belong.
"But to be proud and hard to me!" Miss Havisham quite shrieked, as she stretched out her arms.
"Calls me proud and inflexible in this breath!" said Estella, opening her hands.
``No, damsel!'' said the proud Templar, springing up, ``thou shalt not thus impose on me if I renounce present fame and future ambition, I renounce it for thy sake, and we will escape in company.
``It is indeed,'' said the Templar; ``for, proud as thou art, thou hast in me found thy match.
You talk of being proud; I am called proud, I know, and I shall not wish to believe myself otherwise; for our pride, if investigated, would have the same object, I have no doubt, though the kind may seem a little different.
"I am a journalist," Ernestine answered promptly, "and I'm proud to say that I am earning my own living."
Certainly we are proud inside of the things we do and have done, proud as Lucifer--yes, and prouder.
Then in this show let me an actor be, That this proud Pope may Faustus' cunning see.