PROVINTProvisioning Interval
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(Standardized effects cannot be used to compare models because they are measured in different units--their respective inverse standard deviations.) For example, the standardized total effect of support for the perceived quality of interaction with providers (ProvInt) on overall satisfaction, within the one chronic illness model, is 0.323.
Peretz and his towns in Bilderfun a provints rayze ("Image of the Shtetl" 4).
Atsugba veel eraldi valja tendentsi, et juba tsaariajal hakkasid grusiinid abhaaside ajalugu sovinistlikus vaimus umber tegema, uritades toestada, et abhaasid elavad grusiinide maal ja et Abhaasia on Gruusia provints ning abhaasi keel ja rahvas on gruusia paritolu.