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PROWPublic Right Of Way
PROWProthonotary Warbler (bird species)
PROWProtein Reviews on the Web
PROWProgrammatic Registry Operations Workgroup (immunization registries)
PROWPublic Relations Oliver Weidenhammer (Heidelberg, Germany)
PROWProperty and Right-of-Way (Florida)
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In the video is seen that the immigrant, who was rescued alive at the end of the operation, is being rescued successfully on the prows of sunken boat by teams of helicopter belonging to Turkish Coast Guard and also seen how he was in dire strait and on the verge of passing away.
The PROW FUSION Transforaminal-Lumbar Interbody Fusion (TLIF) device and delivery system are intended for spinal fusion in TLIF procedures.
The claims of the press release that the appropriation of these images means that prow are celebrating "the Utopian dream of an open source 'wiki-culture'" didn't quite hit home.
Mr Prow died during the night in the neurosurgery unit at Marseille's La Timone hospital after suffering injuries in a fall of nearly 50ft (15m), a local newspaper said.
We dedicate this collection to the brave sailors from Portugal who discovered the Azores, where the prow became the plowshare, and to those who sailed on to dwell in the New World.
Mr Grimesdale, aka Steve Wallace, sent in this eye-popping sunset shot, taken in Wirral; The surreal blues in Lee Carus's shot are the result of his favourite camera lens; The Northshore, aka Martin Waters, morphed Jury's Inn into the prow of a ship
I felt like Jackie Paper riding the prow of your neck.
Traffic congestion and pollution is an issue for all of us and making proper use of the PROW network has the potential to make a big difference.
The store will feature a glass prow which will be used as a giant display to showcase the latest products on offer.
Shaped to echo the prow of a ship, the luxury block - built by Persimmon Homes - dominates the old Glasgow Garden Festival site.
Their external treatment is very different, with the orthogonal block more massive and imperforate, and the serpentine prow clad in a layered, lightweight skin of glass and louvres.