PROWDParents Raising Offspring with Disabilities (support group)
PROWDPolicy Research on Women and Drugs
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And Egypt now the Theater where I Have acted this, witnes I die unforc'd, Witnes my soule parts free to Antony, And now prowd tyrant Cesar doe thy worst.
With the government on indefinite hiatus, PROWD has focused efforts on awareness raising.
PROWD has created a booklet, translated into 12 languages, for domestic workers, describing their rights under Lebanese law.
POST-HAST Mother Gurtons neadle; (a Tragedy.) The Diuell and Diues; (a Comedie.) A russet coate, and a Knaues cap; (an Infernall) A prowd heart and a beggars purse; (a pastorall.) The Widdowes apron-strings; (a nocturnall.) (2.1) (36) As a sample of their finest wares, the all-male troupe (composed of the proverbial 'three men and a boy') play a lugubrious scene between Troilus and Cressida, which falls flat.
sithe wealthe growes prowd & holdes poore men in
When Artemia orders the execution of Dorothea, other characters, more experienced with Christians, take Dorothea at her word when she tells Artemia that 'you lose ten times more/By torturing me, than I that dare your tortures' (2.3.162-3), and urge her to 'Let not this Christian Thing, in this, her pageantry/ Of prowd deriding, both our Gods and Caesar,/ Build to herself a kingdome in her death' (2.3.171-3).
Prowd, challenges the local officials to work assiduously in making citizens of the district feel impact of the Weah-led administration in their lives.
It was obvious when I saw aircraft going down and V for Victor Keith Prowd's aircraft right on my starboard beam, hit and on fire going down, that we would be sitting ducks climbing away at 140mph.
McCall's Panem Co prowded the pattern: