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The opening of The Laud Troy Book gives a long list of heroes whose courage is praised in romances, including Gawain, Tristram, Percival, Roland, Charlemagne, Havelock and Horn, and then adds that nobody has sung yet the fame of the most worthy heroes, the ancient warriors of the Trojan war, though "there alle prowes of knyghtes be-gan" (1.
And thus, quen pryde schal me pryk for prowes of armes, The loke to this luf-lace schal lethe my hert.
Private Harry Wilkinson (above) and the ceremony in Belgium yesterday with the Duke of Kent (right) looking on Nine-year-old Jay Wilkinson, the great-great-grandson of Private Harry Wilkinson, with Sgt Major Hayden Aldred from Salford, looks down at his relative's headstone after the First World War soldier was finally laid to rest at Prowes Point Cemetery, Commines-Warneton, Hainaut in Belgium yesterday