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PRPCPelvic Rehabilitation Practitioner Certification
PRPCPanhandle Regional Planning Commission
PRPCPaper Recycling Promotion Center (Japan; est. 1974)
PRPCPega Rules Process Commander
PRPCPrion Particle Cellular (medicine)
PRPCPhilippine Refugee Processing Center
PRPCProject Related Purchasing Conditions (various companies)
PRPCPiano Regolatore Particolareggiato Comunale (Italian: Overall Municipal Plan; Italy)
PRPCPickerington/Reynoldsburg/Pataskala/Canal Winchester (Prowlers High School Hockey Club; Columbus, Ohio)
PRPCPoser Remote Procedure Call (Poser library utility)
PRPCPanretinal Photocoagulation
PRPCPrince Rupert Port Corporation (Canada, now Prince Rupert Port Authority)
PRPCPortland Rifle & Pistol Club (Portland, Oregon)
PRPCpetroleum refining and petrochemical
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The PRPC once served as refugee center for Indochinese refugees like Vietnamese and Cambodians back in early 1980s on their way to other foreign countries where they permanently settled.
Harris, "The cellular prion protein (PrPc): its physiological function and role in disease," Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)--Molecular Basis of Disease, vol.
PrPC is normally present in the nervous system of healthy individuals and is absent in Creutzfeldt-Jakob prion disease patients who have a pathological form of prion protein called scrapie prion protein (PrPSc).
Substrate Denaturant Detergent ASA/PAFA Recombinant PrP Guanidine-HCl No ([alpha]-PrP ([section])) PMCA PrPC from cells or No Triton X-100 tissues RT-QuIC Recombinant PrP No SDS ([alpha]-PrP ([section])) Product Detection method Real-time detection ASA/PAFA Aggregates, ThT fluorescence Yes amyloid PMCA [PrP.sup.Sc] WB for No PK-resistant [PrP.sup.Sc] RT-QuIC Aggregates, ThT fluorescence Yes amyloid ([section]) [alpha]-PrP prepared from recombinant PrP with a high [alpha]-helical content.
On the other hand, the PRPC lysate showed the highest TGF-[[beta].sup.1] concentration when compared to the rest of the hemoderivatives.
The system, which started in 2010 at the Panhandle Regional Planning Commission (PRPC), has grown to include 150 counties.
In this paper, we propose a joint linear transceiver design to determine BS transmitter, relay precoders, and user receivers from SMSE minimization criterion under relay sum power constraint (RSPC) and per relay power constraint (PRPC).