PRPDPublic Radio Program Directors
PRPDPhiladelphia Rowing Program for the Disabled
PRPDPeel Regional Police Department
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Figure 8 shows the PRPD pattern corresponding to corona activity due to the water droplet.
Arthur Cohen, president of PRPD, comments, "The survey results reinforce the strength of public radio's offerings -- on our traditional platform (radio) as well as the many digital channels.
Pela pratica clinica, observa-se que o nistagmo espontaneo exerce influencia em algumas provas do exame, especialmente na PRPD e prova calorica, mas sera essa influencia proporcional ao grau da VACL desse nistagmo?
Figure 12 shows PRPD analysis carried out by using spectrum analyzer in zero span mode with center frequency of 1 GHz to understand the phase of the AC voltage at which surface discharge activity occurs in epoxy nano composites (with different percentage of SiC) in [LN.sub.2] medium under AC voltages.
Distribution of PrPd in the brain was assessed by paraffin-embedded tissue blot (Figure 2, panels C and D) or immunohistochemical analysis with 3F4 antibody (Figure 2, panels E and F).
TSEs are characterized by accumulation in the brain of a disease-associated isoform (PrPd) of a host-encoded cellular prion protein (PrPc) (3).
To estimate the molecular component of transmission barriers for particular TSE agents between species, we used PMCA reactions to amplify PrPd associated with vCJD (10), bovine BSE (11), ovine scrapie (12), and experimental ovine BSE (13) and substrates prepared from humanized transgenic mouse brain tissue expressing each of the 3 main PRNP polymorphic variants found in Caucasian human populations (PRNP-129MM, MV, and VV) (14).