PRPGPseudo-Random Pattern Generator
PRPGPaper Role Playing Game
PRPGPrivate Role Play Game
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Simon & Schuster said it will complement its existing agreement for Studio Fun, for sales and distribution to the book trade, with the addition of PRPG imprints Silver Dolphin Books, Thunder Bay Press, Canterbury Classics and Portable Press.
Sales and distribution will begin on 1 January 2018 in Canada and on 1 May 2018 in the US, bringing PRPG's range of publications to a larger marketplace of readers.
At-speed LBIST can help increase the speed of the shift clock because of the short shift paths between PRPG to the first flop and from the last flop to a MISR.
Desse modo, valores de PRPG acima de 7,0 provavelmente terao boa aceitacao de mercado, mas, alem dessa caracteristica, outros atributos de qualidade, como coloracao, massa de 1.000 graos, forma e perfil deverao ser atendidos tambem pela cultivar.
The most recent BIST design tools analyze the circuit under test to ensure that the detailed implementation of the PRPG will better address random-resistant parts of the design.
Some ATPG-based test data compression schemes borrow either the front-end PRPG random data generation or back-end data compaction structures or both from BIST.
If the specified test data for any pattern exceeds the number of bits in the PRPG and shadow, this requires using additional hardware.
In a logic BIST scheme, applying a starting value, or seed, to a PRPG may produce many test cycles worth of pseudorandom scan chain patterns before another seed is applied.
This LBIST architecture is known as a STUMPS architecture (self-test using MISR and parallel shift register sequence generator), and the scan chains connecting the PRPG and MISR are defined as the STUMPS channels." (1)
SRSG Shift Register Sequence Generator A simple PRPG (single output).