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PRPRProblem Resolution Procedure
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Then, to examine the association between ownership changes and changes in PRPR, multivariable linear regression models were estimated, controlling for practice size, specialty composition, proportion of Medicaid revenue, care management processes (CMP) index, PRPR at baseline, and market competition, near baseline in 2009.
We also examined the impact of ownership status on the change in use of each of the five individual PRPR items in regression analyses.
As a result, we repeated the analysis excluding practices with baseline PRPR scores at the minimum of 1 or the maximum of 5.
However, compared to practices that were continuously physician-owned, practices that switched from physician-owned to system-owned did not have significantly different PRPR at baseline (median = 4.2, interquartile range (IQR) = 3.8, 4.6 vs.
Results of the multivariable linear regression are shown in Table 2, where a positive coefficient indicates an increase in PRPR and a negative coefficient indicates a decrease in PRPR.
When we examined each of the PRPR components individually using multivariable logistic regression, results were mostly consistent.
While we were concerned about potential ceiling or floor effects impacting the level of over time change that was possible, excluding practices with PRPR scores at the extremes did not substantially change the overall results (data not shown).
Results of the individual components of PRPR highlight that transitions to system ownership are associated with the improved assessment of patient needs, which appears to drive the positive relationship of transitions to system ownership and improved PRPR.
While at the layer of 0,20-0,40 m depth in the machine traffic region (PRRow), the RP was twice higher than in the planting row (PRPR).
In the two maps, the greatest PRPR values are located on the right side.