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PRQPolitical Research Quarterly
PRQPre-Review Questionnaire (trauma care; medicine)
PRQPhoto Reproduction Quality (Epson)
PRQPurchase Request
PRQPressure-Rate Quotient (cardiology)
PRQPersonal Resilience Profile
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The service we offered at PRQ was to register the domain names as 'Customer of PRQ', so the domain still belongs legally to the customer even though the contact details for PRQ are being used," said Andreas.
That might also explain why it says PRQ Inet KB, and not Customer of PRQ Inet KB as is the standard procedure.
Social support: To test the effect of social support on MS-related functional limitation, the women were assigned to one of four categories using their PRQ scores.
In the PRQ domain, six physicians (9%) scored [less than or equal to]30 on at least one subscale and one physician scored [less than or equal to]30 on at least two subscales, indicating poor coping resources.
Six physicians had an abnormal score in the ORQ domain and in either the PSQ or the PRQ domains, indicating abnormal stress combined with either psychological strain or poor coping mechanisms.
Among the many servers it uses is one managed by the Swedish company PRQ, which boasts of " bulletproof hosting".
The PRQ is a twenty-item survey that consists of three scales: Bully, Victim, and Prosocial.
The PRQ has shown a significant relationship to family functioning in families with an adult with mental retardation (Lustig, 1997) and a significant relationship to positive health practices (Hubbard, Muhlenkamp, & Brown, 1984).
com/pirate-bay-outage-similar-demonoid-anonymous-retaliates-video-799123) Pirate Bay was shut down as a result of a police raid of the PRQ servers which the website was hosted on.
The deletions from WCATI are: Progress Energy Resources Co (TICKER: PRQ CN); McMoRan Exploration Co (TICKER: MMR US); Berry Petroleum Co (TICKER: BRY US); and Camac Energy Inc (TICKER: CAK US).
The correlation coefficient was computed on the PRQ 85 and the overall HPLP II using the Pearson R.
PRQ owner Mikael Viborg gave word that the outage was caused by a police raid.