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PRQProduction Release Qualification (Intel)
PRQPolitical Research Quarterly
PRQParenting Relationship Questionnaire (psychology)
PRQPre-Review Questionnaire (trauma care; medicine)
PRQPhoto Reproduction Quality (Epson)
PRQPurchase Request
PRQPersonal Resilience Profile
PRQPressure-Rate Quotient (cardiology)
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In Exp 1, DM and NDF intake was higher for sheep fed on IRQ compared to sheep fed PRQ. Time spent ruminating per unit of dry matter and NDF intake were significantly higher for sheep fed PRQ compared to those fed IRQ, while average dry matter intake rates per unit time and feeding bout were similar for these two roughage qualities (Table 3).
PRQ provide a wide range of electrical services including inspections and testing, fault finding and repair, rewiring, external power fittings and maintenance work.
The Pearson r was above .50 for several other variables in the overall PRQ scale as well, which was described by Miller (1998) as a substantial correlation.
H1: Product quality (PRQ) has a positive effect on trust (TR).
Negative Relationship Questionnaire (NRQ) The NRQ was identical to the PRQ, but the questions pertained to the negatively regarded person.
"The service we offered at PRQ was to register the domain names as 'Customer of PRQ', so the domain still belongs legally to the customer even though the contact details for PRQ are being used," said Andreas.
On May 31, 2006, Swedish police raided the Web-hosting company PRQ in order to close down TPB and affiliated sites.
All through its short life on the internet, Wikileaks has been supported and hosted by the Swedish ISP PeRiQuito (PRQ).
Among the servers it uses are those of Swedish company PRQ, which boasts of "bulletproof hosting".
The authors wish to acknowledge the financial and institutional support of the following institutions: Department of Health of Puerto Rico through the Tobacco Control Office (CDC PRQ Grant) directed by Antonio Cases, Puerto Rico Health Services Research Institute (PRHSR) supported by the Agency of Healthcare Research and Quality, Grant No.