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Perforce said the acquisition expands the its portfolio of solutions by adding PRQA's family of static code analysers that assess software reliability, security and compliance while reducing development time.
The acquisition of PRQA represents Perforce's fourth successful acquisition in the past two years, and its first under Clearlake's new ownership, which was announced in early January 2018.
PRQA has a stated policy of 'continuous improvements in the quality performance of our products and services'.
It sends out a clear message that all members of the PRQA team are committed to quality products, customer service and delivery", said Paul Blundell, CEO at PRQA.
PRQA's CEO, Paul Blundell stated, "This partnership with Coverity is a clear demonstration of the complementary positioning of our technologies.
Coverity's CMO, Jennifer Johnson stated, "The combination of Coverity's development testing platform and PRQA's compliance solutions allows joint customers to adopt coding best practices and comply with coding standards such as MISRA, JSF AV C++, CERT C and HICPP, while automatically testing code for critical quality and security defects as it is written.
"Developers working in the most extreme safety-critical applications need confidence in their tools," said Evgueni Kolossov, PRQA's R&D Director.
"This latest version of MISRA C provides a new benchmark for effective and safe use of the C Language," said Paul Burden, co-author of the MISRA C Guidelines and PRQA''s representative on the MISRA C working group for the past 13 years.
"A recent study by TERA-Labs*, part of the Karel de Grote University College, Antwerp, showed that QA-C was the best code analysis tool for enforcing MISRA C2 compliance," said Fergus Bolger, CTO of PRQA. "We have continued to build on this lead to produce an even better compliance module for MISRA C:2012."
Leveraging PRQA's insights from being a voting member of the ISO C++ working group, means that QA-C++ 3.0 provides immediate support for the earliest compiler and library-supported features, while also focusing on high quality code objectives.
"Our technical delivery continues to be focussed on industrial-strength use of C and C++ languages." said Fergus Bolger, Chief Technical Officer at PRQA. "We hold a pre-eminent position in compliance to coding standards and defect prevention.
"With QA-Verify, all stakeholders in a project obtain code quality information at the level of detail that matches their needs," commented Fergus Bolger, Chief Technical Officer at PRQA. "For many years developers and quality assurance teams have benefited by using QA-C and QA-C++ to improve code quality.