PRQAPlan Régional pour la Qualité de l'Air (French: Regional Plan for Air Quality)
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At the same time we are evaluating the quality and compliance of the software development processes at PRQA and compliance to the Functional Safety manual which can guide vehicle manufacturers and suppliers on how to stay conformant as they vary the reference solution to fit their own specific development processes.
Established in 1986, PRQA is recognised throughout the industry as "the coding standard expert".
PRQA pioneered the use of this static analysis technology to automatically enforce coding standards and are the dominant player in the coding standard enforcement space.
Now, using the same technologies to extract and deliver high-fidelity data to Structure101, PRQA is helping developers to better understand and manage C and C++ software architecture.
By becoming a Coverity Certified Partner, we are able to easily integrate the results of our analysis into the Coverity Development Testing Platform, providing additional visibility into standards compliance and other coding best practices," said John McConnell, Marketing Director for PRQA.
In tandem with this, PRQA has developed a MISRA C++ Benchmarking Test Suite to provide exhaustive code examples and a clear explanation of the new MISRA C++ rule set, with clear guidance on what represents compliance with, or violation of, a rule.
PRQA has a strong record of achievement on the MISRA C++ Coding Guidelines.
GCC, with its extensive C99 support, continues to gain traction in the embedded software development space where PRQA is a dominant player.
By partnering, PRQA and Vector Software have combined the best-in-class solutions to provide a total, fully integrated static and dynamic analysis solution that covers all recognised coding standards in the military, aerospace and automotive markets, standards that are seeing rapid adoption in other vertical markets due to more stringent requirements for safety compliance.
PRQA already delivers the highest level of automatic enforcement available for MISRA-C:1998 and MISRA-C:2004, the MISRA standards now available for the C language.
PRQA, a world leader in coding standard enforcement and language-based static analysis, has been integral to the development of the coding standard as the committee's only representative from the ISO C++ Working Group.
Now, PRQA will use the same technologies to extract and deliver high- fidelity data to Headway's Structure101 product to help developers better understand and manage C and C++ software architecture.