PRQCPacific Rim Quilt Company (Snohomish, WA)
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An abbreviated version of the PRQC (Fletcher, Simpson, & Thomas, 2000) was used in the study which was adapted to Chile by Schmitt et al.
As predicted by the authors, frequency of penile-vaginal intercourse correlated positively with the PRQC dimensions: Satisfaction, Intimacy, Trust, Passion, and Love.
Survey), sexual behaviours (Sociosexual Orientation Inventory, not used in analyses due to floor effects, and the Sexual Behaviors Inventory [SBI]), risky behaviours (The Self Report Psychopathy Scale), HIV knowledge (HIV Knowledge Questionnaire), and sensitive measures related to sexual relationships and violence (The Dyadic Sexual Regulation Scale, HIV/AIDS Risk Behavior Form, The Violence Assessment Index and the PRQC Inventory).