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PRRPennsylvania Railroad
PRRPrairie (street suffix)
PRRPattern Recognition Receptor (immunology)
PRRProduction Readiness Review
PRRPulse Repetition Rate
PRRPersonal Role Radio
PRRPure Reason Revolution (band)
PRRPressure Regulator
PRRPolicy Research Report (Worldbank)
PRRPathogen Recognition Receptor (biology)
PRRPeachtree Road Race (10K footrace; Atlanta, GA, USA)
PRRPreliminary Requirements Review
PRRProfiling Reflectance Radiometer (optical instrument measuring upwelling and downwelling light in a water column)
PRRPseudo Response Regulator (cell physiology)
PRRProgram Requirements Review
PRRPreventive Resin Restoration (dentistry)
PRRPacket Reception Ratio
PRRPrison Release Reoffender
PRRProblem Reporting and Resolution (quality management)
PRRPriority Round Robin
PRRProduction Revision Record
PRRPassenger Reservation Request
PRRPrimary Reference Receiver (Datum)
PRRPacific Road Runners (Canada)
PRRPressure Rise Rate
PRRPacket Resource Request
PRRPersonnel Requirements Report
PRRProblem Resolution Report
PRRProgram Readiness Review
PRRPersonnel Replacement Requirements
PRRParts Replacement Request
PRRProperty Rights Research
PRRPersonnel Readiness Review (US Army)
PRRProduction Revision Request
PRRPilot Record Request
PRRProtective Response Recommendation
PRRPersonnel Resource Roster
PRRPyrochemical Reduction
PRRPuerto Rico Supreme Court Reports
PRRProduct Review Report
PRRProcessing Rheology Ratio (thermoplastic olefinic compositions)
PRRPredictive-Ratio Risk (software reliability)
PRRPoker Room Review
PRRPlanned Reenlistment or Retirement
PRRPeer Review Report (various organizations)
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The judicialization of IDEA hearing officers, the conservative trend of the post-Rowley courts, and the effect of the decision-making reliance on precedents do not augur well for either PRR or other arguments for judicial elevation of the relatively relaxed substantive standard of Rowley (1982).
Our clients are running a dental practice, not NASA," said AVG reseller partner Pam Rogers at PRR Plus.
As one of the largest independent public relations firms in the region, PRR is the 27[sup.
The Marines now are looking for a long-term replacement for the PRR, which received mostly favorable reviews from the field, but still falls short in some areas, said James Lasswell, technical director of the Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory.
The PRR has been sold to over 20 countries, the UK has been one of the major customers.
Created in collaboration with UC San Diego School of Medicine faculty, PRR empowers experienced physicians with the tools needed to secure primary care positions in understaffed health centers across the country.
The AX80 offers an 800 kHz PRR with revolutionary forward- and backward-looking capability to enhance point density on the ground and improve image resolution.