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PRRPositive Response Rate
PRRPoker Room Review
PRRPennsylvania Railroad
PRRPrairie (street suffix)
PRRPalau Royal Resort
PRRProportional Reporting Ratio (medication)
PRRPerfect Resume
PRRPrint Request Router
PRRPulse Rate Repetition
PRRPattern Recognition Receptor (immunology)
PRRProduction Readiness Review
PRRPulse Repetition Rate
PRRPersonal Role Radio
PRRPeer Review Report (various organizations)
PRRPure Reason Revolution (band)
PRRPressure Regulator
PRRPublic Relations Review (Elsevier publication)
PRRPolicy Research Report (Worldbank)
PRRPathogen Recognition Receptor (biology)
PRRPeachtree Road Race (10K footrace; Atlanta, GA, USA)
PRRPreliminary Requirements Review
PRRProfiling Reflectance Radiometer (optical instrument measuring upwelling and downwelling light in a water column)
PRRPseudo Response Regulator (cell physiology)
PRRProgram Requirements Review
PRRPlanned Reenlistment or Retirement
PRRPreventive Resin Restoration (dentistry)
PRRPre-Readiness Review
PRRPacket Reception Ratio
PRRPrison Release Reoffender
PRRProblem Reporting and Resolution (quality management)
PRRPriority Round Robin
PRRPassenger Reservation Request
PRRProduction Revision Record
PRRPrimary Reference Receiver (Datum)
PRRPacific Road Runners (Canada)
PRRPressure Rise Rate
PRRPacket Resource Request
PRRPersonnel Requirements Report
PRRProblem Resolution Report
PRRProgram Readiness Review
PRRPersonnel Replacement Requirements
PRRParts Replacement Request
PRRProperty Rights Research
PRRPilot Record Request
PRRProduction Revision Request
PRRPersonnel Readiness Review (US Army)
PRRPersonnel Resource Roster
PRRProtective Response Recommendation
PRRPuerto Rico Supreme Court Reports
PRRPyrochemical Reduction
PRRProduct Review Report
PRRProcessing Rheology Ratio (thermoplastic olefinic compositions)
PRRPredictive-Ratio Risk (software reliability)
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The response time with high percentage of PRR is longer than that of low percentage of PRR.
5) Unlike sealants, glass ionomers are not a consideration for PRRs due to their inferior retention rates.
b) There was a marked increase in the expression of PRR in the 24 M group compared with the 2 M group.
5) 8- years -old child###Proximal lesion half way###FS, PRR, GIC, RMGIC,
NOD2) usando cebadores especificos (tabla 1), bajo las siguiente condiciones: un paso inicial de 10 minutos a 95[degrees]C y 40 ciclos, asi: desnaturalizacion a 95[degrees]C por 15 segundos, la temperatura de alineamiento depende del PRR de interes (tabla l) por 25 segundos, y una extension a 72[degrees]C por 25 segundos.
Even more significant, the courts have roundly rejected elevation of the substantive side of Rowley based on the more central, IEP language in IDEA 2004 in terms of PRR.
innovations--under PRR the guidelines will be on trial, not the
Like the PRR, the SRR reflects only the financial outcomes, not the more indirect benefits from cultural enrichment or value-transformation that higher education is commonly said to foster.
In contrast, the investment base and time of PRR are project specific since PRR evaluates investment efficiency at the project level, not the firm level.
We reasoned that the avoidantly attached would not be more satisfied in a LDRR than in a PRR, because of the geographic distance not being likely to change the partner's response to separation.
PRR managers emphasized that "Extreme care must be exercised in the employment of women to guard against establishing precedents, with relation to their employment in certain occupations, that may become embarrassing in the future.
To help combat Phytophthora, researchers at ARS's Subtropical Horticulture Research Station (SHRS) in Miami, led by plant geneticist Ray Schnell, molecular biologist James Borrone (now at Oklahoma State University), and colleagues at the University of Florida, are collecting new germplasm to broaden the genetic diversity of the USDA avocado collection and screening it for individual markers for genes that might confer resistance to PRR.