PRRAPre-Removal Risk Assessment (Canadian immigration)
PRRAPuerto Rico Reconstruction Administration
PRRAPassaic River Rowing Association (Lyndhurst, NJ)
PRRAProstate-Restricted Replicative Adenovirus (prostate cancer)
PRRAPotomac River Rescue Association (DC-VA, USA)
PRRAPrice River Resource Area (Utah)
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It was also noted that the DCO designation would likely prejudice the claimant in several compounding ways-by imposing even more severe timelines, barring access to the RAD and the PRRA, and, perhaps most significantly, by creating an unstated presumption that the relevant country of origin is safe-therefore eroding access to an impartial and personalized status determination hearing.
The PRRA in many criminal inadmissibility cases may take into account only the risk factors laid out in the IRPA (risk to life, risk of torture, and risk of cruel and unusual treatment or punishment) and not the risk of persecution that would be assessed in a refugee claim.
La PRRA, como mejor se le conocio, fue creada por orden ejecutiva en 1935 y adscrita al Departamento del Interior de los Estados Unidos.
The PRRA would nullify the right of older minors to receive comprehensive health care.
CIC is responsible for inland refugee intake and admissibility screening, (188) PRRA determinations, (189) and H&C applications.
The data obtained through these was intended to help authorities "to cope with the health and sanitary problems involved in the several PRRA projects and to take care of the physical examination of its workers.
For example, unsuccessful refugee claimants will be prohibited from accessing H&C applications or PRRAs for at least one year.
As the main office for the implementation of the New Deal in Puerto Rico, the PRRA made inroads to provide relief, but its efforts came far short of the agency's stated goal to reconstruct the economy.
64) In considering whether to grant the relief sought, the court's analysis was premised on the assumption that in the first order, "[r]esponsibility for PRRA decision-making was moved to CBSA from CIC" and that in October 2004 "the PRRA decision-making responsibilities were transferred back to CIC" and thus, during the intervening ten-month period, these decisions were made by officials in the CBSA.
Acq15-95 Reliance assignment of final planning for the exercise of rationalization and reorganization of the sewerage system and purification of the urban sprawl of Vicenza and neighboring municipalities relating thereto (6 PRRA Basin VI Veneto Region) - Ref .
That an assessment of the reasons for PRRA determinations be made.