PRRAPre-Removal Risk Assessment (Canadian immigration)
PRRAPuerto Rico Reconstruction Administration
PRRAPassaic River Rowing Association (Lyndhurst, NJ)
PRRAProstate-Restricted Replicative Adenovirus (prostate cancer)
PRRAPotomac River Rescue Association (DC-VA, USA)
PRRAPrice River Resource Area (Utah)
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The services that APM will provide to PRRA include power scheduling, assistance in the PJM capacity auctions, and assistance with evaluating and developing strategies around Renewable Energy Credits (RECs).
APM responded quickly and expertly to our need to transition to new risk management services," said Jeffrey Kossak, President of PRRA.
PRRA owns a hydroelectric facility on the Conemaugh River in Pennsylvania with a nameplate capacity of 15 MW.
Questions for PRRA can be directed to Jeffrey Kossak, President at 212-245-2721 or arlingtonny@aol.
But it's the same old story: PRRA proponents aren't satisfied with forbidding just their own children to read certain books in the school library; they demand that the books be removed from the library completely, forbidding them to all the children of the school.
This is why critics of the movement continue to warn that the PRRA and its like could violate the principle of church-state separation by requiring government support of private religious education.
Such legislation as the PRRA is also intended to provide legal support for other proposed laws, such as Washington State's "Becca Law," which would have allowed parents to involuntarily commit their children to rehabilitation centers or psychiatric hospitals with virtually no judicial review.
That guidelines on gender related persecution be developed for PRRA.
That training in PRRA determinations draw on the experience and resources of the IRB.
That the standard of proof for PRRA be the same as for refugee decisions.