PRRCPalestine Right to Return Coalition
PRRCPasig River Rehabilitation Commission (Philippines)
PRRCPetroleum Recovery Research Center (Socorro, NM)
PRRCPsychosocial Rehabilitation and Recovery Center (US VA)
PRRCProcurement Requirements Review Committee
PRRCPtolemy Reid Rehabilitation Centre (est. 1967; Guyana)
PRRCPilipino Recruitment and Retention Center
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According to Goitia, these were only some of the measures being undertaken by PRRC to revive Pasig River.
Sources of Pollution in Metro Manila Waterways, Biological Oxygen Demand 1990 & 1996 1990 Source MT/day % contribution Domestic wastewater 148 45% Industrial wastewater 145 44% Municipal solid waste 35 11% 1996 Source MT/day % contribution Domestic wastewater 200 60% Industrial wastewater 115 35% Municipal solid waste 16 5% Source of data: PRRC Final Report 1998
Paying tribute to Dr Maphais contribution to the Commission; the PRRC Chairperson (retired) Justice Kenneth Mthiyane said his expert input on public administration within the Commission would be greatly missed.
The bridge carriers constantly scan frequencies for a valid PRRC signal and, once received, will lock on to that controller and ignore all others until the operation is complete.
According to the PRRC, the 27-kilometer Pasig River is much cleaner now compared to the 1990s when it was declared 'biologically dead.
The PRRC blamed commercial and industrial establishments operating near the river as the "primary" sources of pollutants.
Each PRRC controls its own carrier and either of the two bridges, to enable the bridges to operate from one controller; the decoders operate on multiple frequencies and addresses.
It seemed that the COA report had shown that, under Lopez, the PRRC bungled its program to clean up the Pasig River, as millions of pesos worth of recycling equipment were rendered as 'junk,' i.
The PRRC has devised the Pasig River Unified Monitoring Stations Program, where 14 stations were set up along the river and were tasked to monitor water quality on a monthly basis.
According to the PRRC, the first phase of Ermitano Creek, also known as the Salapan Creek, is now an Environmental Preservation Area with 210-linear-meter Park.
PRRC executive director Ronald Naguit said the 380meter linear park is just the first part of the P48.
Today, more than 30 offices are routed through PRRC with five different options for incoming callers, which meant the Practice must always be ready to accommodate at least 150 incoming call variations.