PRRIPemerintah Revolusioner Republik Indonesia (Indonesian: Revolutionary Government of the Republic of Indonesia)
PRRIPhilippine Rice Research Institute
PRRIPublic Research & Regulation Initiative
PRRIPrinceton Reverb Reissue (Fender guitar amplifier)
PRRIRural Policy Research Institute
PRRIProfessional Relations and Research Institute, Inc
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While white Protestants share the economic concerns with others in the country, because they have historically been culturally dominant, many are experiencing a kind of dislocation and disillusionment about their waning numbers and cultural influence," Robert P Jones, CEO of PRRI, told me.
That sense of losing ground is most acute among tea party followers, according to the PRRI poll.
The PRRI polling and much other research points to something deeper.
Few, if any, surveys poll Catholics' position on natural law--specifically the idea of the union between man and woman--though a March PRRI poll provides insights into Catholics' view of the nature of a person's sexual orientation.
The numbers remain consistent when broken down by ethnicity (56 percent whites, 58 percent Hispanics), PRRI found, as well as more than three fourths of all Catholics believing society should accept same-sex relationships.
Since 1948, PRRI has provided a comprehensive management solutions for regional, national, and international medical associations.
Support for same-sex marriage Same-sex Civil unions No legal recognition marriage General public 37 27 33 Unaffiliated 59 24 15 Latino Catholics 45 22 30 White Catholics 41 36 19 White mainline 36 31 29 Protestants Black Protestants 23 25 52 White evangelicals 16 24 58 Source: PRRI, Pre-election American Values Survey, 9/2010 Note: Table made from bar graph.
Support for same-sex marriage by attendance Among Catholics Same-sex marriage Civil unions No legal recognition All Catholics 43 31 22 Weekly or more 26 38 31 (38%) Once or twice 43 43 13 a month (20%) Less often 59 19 16 (41%) Source: PRRI, Pre-election American Values Survey, 9/2010 Note: Table made from bar graph.