PRRIPemerintah Revolusioner Republik Indonesia (Indonesian: Revolutionary Government of the Republic of Indonesia)
PRRIPhilippine Rice Research Institute
PRRIPublic Research & Regulation Initiative
PRRIPrinceton Reverb Reissue (Fender guitar amplifier)
PRRIRural Policy Research Institute
PRRIProfessional Relations and Research Institute, Inc
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Previous surveys by a variety of pollsters had fed some church analysts' hopes that those who had stayed away from churches might still harbor spiritual longings that could eventually bring them in, but the PRRI results appear to dampen that prospect.
Noted PRRI, "Fewer than half of white mainline Protestants (44 percent), black Protestants (41 percent), white Catholics (36 percent), religiously unaffiliated Americans (31 percent), and members of non-Christian religions (30 percent) agree.
I found her reworking of PRRI data intriguing and a real contribution.
While white Protestants share the economic concerns with others in the country, because they have historically been culturally dominant, many are experiencing a kind of dislocation and disillusionment about their waning numbers and cultural influence," Robert P Jones, CEO of PRRI, told me.
There has been some speculation about possible movements toward the GOP among Jewish voters, but the current state of the race suggests that this year's Jewish vote will resemble past elections," said Daniel Cox, PRRI research director was quoted as saying.
Ethnic and religious conflicts had long been parlayed into regional rebellions, such as in the Darul Islam rebellions in West Java, Aceh, and South Sulawesi; the PRRI rebellions in Sumatra; the Permesta rebellion in North and Central Sulawesi; the independence movement of East Timor; and the RMS rebellion in Maluku.
Later, on 15 February 1958, a group of dissident politicians and military officers in Sumatra formed the PRRI (Pemerintah Revolusioner Republik Indonesia or Revolutionary Government of the Republic of Indonesia) in Padang and Bukittinggi in response to local dissatisfaction with the manner in which power and resources were being distributed between lava and the rest of the archipelago, as well as the increasingly pro-communist slant of the Sukarno government.
Since 1948, PRRI has provided comprehensive management solutions for regional, national, and international medical associations.
Among the regionally based rebellions the most important was the Sumatra-based PRRI (Pemerintah Revolusioner Republik Indonesia, Revolutionary Government of the Republic of Indonesia) rebellion of 1958, which was crushed quickly, and rather surprisingly, by Indonesian military combined operations.
Forty percent said he should be impeached and removed from office in an August PRRI poll.
PRRI takes an exhaustive look at the changing landscape of religious and racial identity in the United States.
One more note on the PRRI poll, which surveyed people on an array of religious liberty issues: It also found that 64 percent of respondents opposed allowing the owners of small businesses to be able to cite religious beliefs as justification for discriminating against LGBTQ people.