PRRPProvo River Restoration Project (Utah; est. 1999)
PRRPPacific Rim Research Program (University of California)
PRRPprolactin-releasing peptide precursor
PRRPPTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) Residential Rehabilitation Program (US VA)
PRRPPurkinje Relative Refractory Period
PRRPHuman Pattern Reversal Retinal Potential (opthamology)
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First, we trace the formation of the Princeton Radio Research Project, with a focus on Cantril's fraught recruitment of Lazarsfeld as PRRP director.
If the PRIR is higher that the PRRP, the industry is considered competitive at the international level for that year and is included in the cluster chart.
Although its PRIR does not surpass the PRRP by one, this is an emergent industry on the Island.
Given the PRRP aegis, I expected Current of Music to be an exercise comparable to Adorno's pages in The Authoritarian Personality: empirical numbers-crunching premised on the reduction of qualitative issues to quantifiable data, a labor Adorno undertook as the price of his ticket in America.
Hullot-Kentor rightly judges that the "Radio Physiognomics" is "by far the most interesting and the best written" of Adorno's PRRP writings, and "remains the source" for Adorno's later thinking on radio and media (58, my translation).