PRRSVPorcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus
PRRSVPrague Strain of Rous Sarcoma Virus
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A total of 58 tissue samples from stillborn piglets, serum samples from diseased sows and piglets, and lungs and lymph nodes of dead piglets were tested for viral RNA by using reverse transcription PCR and primers specific for PRRSV open reading frame (ORF) 7, which encodes nucleocapsid protein, as described (9).
Swine can be infected with PRRSV by several routes of exposure, including intranasal, intramuscular, oral (Magar, et al.
PRRSV can spread through the air, due to pigs' respiration or coughing, but it does not affect humans.
Han sido descritas dos variantes del PRRSV presentes en EEUU (variante VR 2332, U87392) y en Europa (Lelystad, LV, M96262) cuyas secuencias genomicas difieren en 50-70%.
De las 12 granjas, en 2 habian evidencias clinicas de brotes sugestivos de PRRSV, (falla reproductiva, abortos, mortalidad elevada en lechones recien nacidos y en destete), en 7 historia de enfermedad respiratoria persistente en cerdos en crecimiento, en 2 granjas habia desordenes reproductivos y en 3 granjas no habia historia sugestiva de PRRSV.
We sampled 108 farms reporting pigs that had a clinical syndrome consistent with PRRSV infections in the provinces of Thai Binh (May), Tien Giang (July), and Soc Trang (July).
In general, PRRSV causes a disease characterized by reproductive failure in sows and respiratory infection in growing pigs.
Johnsen and a group of Danish researchers report on the importance of the cytokines IFN-a and IL-10 in protective immunity against PRRSV.
PRRSV is a member of the family Arteriviridae in the order Nidovirales, which also includes severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus.
During April 2008-December 2009 in Shandong Province, 613 blood samples were obtained from hybrid wild boars that had not been vaccinated against PRRSV (Table).