PRRTPetroleum Resource Rent Tax (Australia)
PRRTPrimal Reflex Release Technique
PRRTPolice Rehabilitation and Retraining Trust (Holywood, County Down, Northern Ireland, UK)
PRRTpeptide receptor radionuclide therapy
PRRTProject Rework Reduction Tool (Construction Owners Association of Alberta)
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PRRT selects recipients based on academic achievement, career potential, financial need and interviews with the group's scholarship committee.
Although PRRT met on a weekly basis during its first 50 years, the group has been meeting once a month in recent decades to hear noted editors, journalists, PR specialists, political leaders and government officials discuss emerging trends and issues.
PRRT offers specialist support in Personal and Professional Development Our Careers Coaches help clients to identify the most suitable employment, or active retirement goal for them.
Such an outcome would be inconsistent with the intent of the PRRT regime and the way it has been administered since its commencement in 1987.
The Government will therefore introduce amendments, as set out in the attachment, to maintain the policy intent of the PRRT and to largely re?
PRRT require freshly made sandwiches and wraps to be delivered on a daily basis along with a morning tray bake, we also require fruit platters on a regular basis.
The money has been used to bring the UK's leading PRRT expert, Dr Muriel Buxton-Thomas, to Birmingham.
PRRT is already being hailed by professionals including doctors, physical therapists, and athletes as the most important technique to emerge for pain management in decades.
The reason PRRT is so successful is because it's the only technology designed to access the most important part of our nervous system .
Contract award: DoJ PRRT Provision of Training Services.
PRRT now wish to establish a call-off contract with suitably experienced service provider(s) who will be responsible for delivering, and where applicable, developing, a number of training courses under the following categories: Academic; Business; IT.
Nexen became PRRT payable in the second half of the year.