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PRSCPartido Reformista Social Cristiano (Spanish: Social Christian Reformist Party)
PRSCPine Rivers Shire Council (Australian Society of Archivists, Inc; Strathpine, Queensland, Australia)
PRSCPoverty Reduction Sector Credit
PRSCProgress Rail Services Corp. (Caterpillar subsidiary)
PRSCPost-Removal Site Control
PRSCProgram Resources Steering Council
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10) Not only do these models share the lack of deployable resources and ambiguous lines of authority inherent in the S/CRS and PRSC, but they also fail to provide continuous and collective oversight for the complex and global range of U.
An introduction to PRSC Library Service pamphlet, plus a PRSC membership application form and a "Congratulations on the birth of your baby" card (made up from Printshop) were also included.
The operation will directly support implementation of the SCRP III by focusing on the Governments stated priorities and building on past PRSC operations.
Secretary PRCS Sabir Major (r ) Sardar Sabir Durrani on the occasion revealed that 20 teams of PRSC comprising 40 volunteers would also be assisting the health teams during the campaign in Balochistan.
Through the Caribbean Snacks acquisition, PRSC retains the distribution of Filler, Wise, Lance (cookies) and Hostess (pastries) to name a few.
The PRSC series supports a balanced reform program focused on strengthening public administration and facilitating private-sector growth.
He also informed the participants of the workshop hailing from various print and electronic media outlets about the response of the PRSC during the calamities in Balochistan.
He said RCSC would also launch an appeal for collecting more funds for the flood affectees of Pakistan which will be distributed through PRSC.
4% intend to vote for the Gran Alianza Nacional, or Alianza Rosada, an amalgam of the PRD and PRSC.
The group includes all kinds of political, community and regional interests and the names vary from the traditional three letter abbreviations such as PRD or PLD or MPD or even the four-letter PRSC, to such names as PIDO (I'm asking), or El MORO (The food) and MORENA (The dark-skinned girl).
The PRSC IX continues the focus on the main policy areas under PRSC VIII, which became effective in June 2014.
a leading behavioral security software company, today announced its award-winning PRSC Online Identity Protection software is now available to consumers across the UK in all 711 PC World and Currys retail outlets for PS14.