PRSDPartido Radical Social Democrata (Radical Social Democratic Party, Chile)
PRSDPower Reactant Storage and Distribution
PRSDPeace River School Division (Canada)
PRSDPine-Richland School District (Gibsonia, PA)
PRSDPentucket Regional School District (Massachusetts)
PRSDPearl River School District (New York State)
PRSDPuerto Rico Storage & Distribution, Inc.
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Hence, it is the objective of this work to demonstrate the superiority of SDOE over PRSD by introducing a quantitative measure of relative information content and conducting a study of comparison.
Using this measurement of information efficiency, this work demonstrates SDOE superiority over PRSD for the cases studied.
The first scenario compares the efficiency of SDOE to PRSD.
An example of a PRSD for this method is shown in Figure 4.
As shown in these tables, since the efficiency results comparing PRSD to SDOE are all much less than one, the SDOE is considerably more efficient than the PRSD in this study.
There's a big segment of the population that didn't vote, that watched this process from afar," said PRSD head Jose Antonio Gomez, a senator and possible presidential candidate.
PRSD and PPD leaders say the pact, which only applies to city council positions, was brokered as a way to make the Concertacion more inclusive, to give it a bit of new energy.
DC president Ignacio Walker accused the PRSD and PPD of "emigrating" from the coalition.
Walker believes the controversial electoral pact is evidence of a much larger plan by the PRSD and PPD to form a "Frente Amplio de Izquierda," or broad leftist front.
Twenty governorships went to the PDC, 12 to the PS, 11 to the PPD, and eight to the PRSD.
Tombolini resigned as deputy minister in July to run for president of the PRSD.
The six were PDC Deputies Jaime Jimenez and Christian Pareto, PRSD Deputy Eduardo Lagos, PPD Deputies Anibal Perez and Victor Manuel Rebolledo, and PS Deputy Juan Pablo Letelier.