PRSGPersonal Radio Steering Group
PRSGPseudo-Random Sequence Generator
PRSGPacific Rim Sculptors Group (est. 1988)
PRSGPuerto Rico State Guard (voluntary professional officer corps)
PRSGPersonal Representative of the Secretary-General (UN)
PRSGPost Referendum Support Group (Uganda)
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From a practical point of view, there are admittedly times when the flexibility of distinct small missions like UNIFIL and the PRSG can be useful.
Even on a small scale--and I have been more than once in the position of advocating that the distinct identities of UNIFIL and the PRSG or UNIFIL and the Special Coordinator/1559 Envoy served this purpose in an isolated crisis--I wonder if the protagonists in a conflict or even the general public buy this fiction for more than an instant.
Asi, las mediciones del PRSG y el BERI son el resultado de valoraciones de especialistas en riesgo politico que conforman sus equipos de trabajo.
PRSG required a flexible, scalable data warehouse that could handle an enormous volume of information and grow as new information is added daily.
We are very pleased that PRSG has selected Informix's high performance and linear scalable technology to support the growth of their corporate data warehouse applications," said Tony Rodoni, general manager of Informix's Data Warehousing Business Development Unit.