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PRSLPennsylvania Reading Seashore Lines (railroad)
PRSLPrimary Zone/Switch Location (US DoD)
PRSLPoverty Reduction and Sustainable Livelihoods (Somalia; UN Development Programme)
PRSLPrimary Area Switch Locator
PRSLPressor Response to a Saline Load
PRSLPrecise Radar Significant Location
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One, the names Priscilla and Presley share the same Soundex code, PRSL (in Soundex, names are reduced to four-digit codes that discount doubled letters and regard as equivalent similar letters such as B and P, or M and N).
The incidence of life-threatening bacterial infections has been rising in recent years, along with increases in the severity and drug-resistance of bacteria," said Jim Prendergast, Motorola vice president and PRSL director.