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PRSMProfessional Retail Store Maintenance Association (Dallas, TX)
PRSMProject Resourcing and Schedule Management
PRSMPOPS Resource System Management
PRSMProceedings of the Royal Society of Medicine (journal)
PRSMPatrick's Rife Stompbox Monopoly (band)
PRSMPressure Relief Systems Management
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Still the host of the largest Retail FM conference and exhibition, PRSM has evolved to provide a wide array of resources critical to the success of FM professionals, including:
Our new logo and brand concept represents a more dynamic enterprise, where a diversity of membership with unique business models, and professionals with diverse expertise and multiple services, can gather in an environment enriched by experience and a willingness to share," said Patricia Dameron, PRSM Executive Director.
The 2012 Benchmarking Report is a member only benefit and has been distributed to all PRSM members.
A PRSM member since its founding day, Phoenix Energy Technologies has served as strategic partner and vendor in the retail sector for nearly a decade.
The conference will equip your team with the best education, solutions, financial strategies and learning experiences," said Bill Pietrykowski, Board President of PRSM.
The attendees of PRSM Mid-Year will be meeting with Rabine Paving America to further their knowledge on asphalt and concrete paving and maintenance for national facility parking lots.
The PRSM 2012 National Conference will be held in Anaheim, CA and will run from April 18th through April 20th.
Being a part of PRSM for the past few years has been a great experience for the Rabine Team.
Our association is a resource to encourage the convergence and structure of the ever-changing retail industry, and we need entrepreneurs like Ron, who are experienced industry leaders, to be a part of our team," said Cindy Wofford, executive director of PRSM.
As a result, LJS began a search for a successor product and found that ConTech's PRSM matched LJS' requirements for growth.
R) PRSM addresses the most pressing needs of the foodservice industry by managing the computers and networks that are in their remote locations.
Prism currently employs 155 people and is a publicly traded company, listed as PRSM on NASDAQ.