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PRSMProfessional Retail Store Maintenance Association (Dallas, TX)
PRSMProject Resourcing and Schedule Management
PRSMPOPS Resource System Management
PRSMProceedings of the Royal Society of Medicine (journal)
PRSMPatrick's Rife Stompbox Monopoly (band)
PRSMPressure Relief Systems Management
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According to PRSM lore, the founding members imagined a national association established for the purpose of regularly exchanging ideas and information specific to retail facilities maintenance.
Additionally, through the process of developing the benchmarking report, PRSM's task force garnered policy and HVAC operational practices via a survey results as well as data analysis and metrics - all information is available to the PRSM membership.
PRSM Association, the authority on Retail and Multi-site Facilities Management, is the leading membership organization for retail facilities and vendor professionals.
Phoenix Energy Technologies will be honored at a live award ceremony at the PRSM National Conference in Anaheim, California on Friday, April 20, 2012.
In order to maintain a differentiated customer experience and financial success, store retailers must continue to provide facilities related upgrades to store presentation, layout, lighting, fixtures and other processes according to customer-related business shifts," said Sahir Anand, PRSM keynote presenter.
Anyone interested in learning more about the Proliphix suite of products and services can stop by booth #1059 at the PRSM National Conference in Dallas, Texas today or contact Proliphix at: www.
The attendees of PRSM Mid-Year will be meeting with Rabine Paving America to further their knowledge on asphalt and concrete paving and maintenance for national facility parking lots.
PRSM is the authority on retail and multi-site facilities management.
According to PRSM, the award is determined each year by a vote of retailers and industry vendors who select the company that they feel best exemplifies excellence in the retail facilities maintenance profession.
com)-- Ryan Laughlin has the honor of speaking at the PRSM National Conference about best practices for pavement, specifically stormwater management and pervious pavements.
The Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association, more commonly referred to as PRSM, is the nation's leading association for retail maintenance professionals.
I am looking forward to working closely with my colleagues on the PRSM board to position our industry for success in our evolving retail economy, which is challenging for all of us," said Gilcrease.