PRSPPoverty Reduction Strategy Paper
PRSPPlan Régional de Santé Publique
PRSPPenicillin Resistant Streptococcus Pneumoniae
PRSPPoverty Reduction Strategy Programme (International Monetary Fund and World Bank)
PRSPPunjab Rural Support Programme (Pakistan)
PRSPProgram Requirements Support Plan
PRSPPakistan Rural Support Programme
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In the light of the I-PRSP, the first comprehensive PRSP titled 'Accelerating Economic Growth and Reducing Poverty: The Road Ahead' was published in 2003, covering the period from 2001 to 2006.
The PRSP framework is supposed to "encourage the accountability of political governments to their own people and domestic constituencies rather than to external funders," whereby, "the poor become active participants, not just passive recipients.
Ja no PRCP e PRSP, foram abertas covas com 0,08m de profundidade por aproximadamente 0,05m de diametro, com o auxilio de uma haste de bambu com ponta em formato de cone, com posterior colocacao vertical da base da rama.
Over the last few years local efforts have been made to carry out repairs but the very heavy rains this year proved too much - the road was washed away to a depth of about 2 feet virtually cutting off access for PRSP and a large part of the community along the river bank from the village road about 300 yards away.
The stud y concluded that there may be an increase in the amount of credit and PRSP may take initiative to provide job opportunities in rural areas in order to strengthen the economic conditions of rural women.
The PRSP also noted, for example, that infant mortality had increased from 62 per thousand in 1993 to 78 per thousand in 2003.
6% increase under PRSP in the first half of current fiscal year was largely because of rise in expenditure on law and order and calamities.
A decade into the PRSP process, this article provides a comprehensive look at the PRSP approach and arrives at slightly different conclusions than most IFI critics.
It was therefore clear from its inception that the PRSP would have to bring together a talented team of managers, each of whom could combine creativity with commitment.
Linear regression was used to detect the trend of competence among the PSSP, PISP, and PRSP groups.
An IMF- and World Bank-mandated process of developing "Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers" (PRSP) is supposed to create a vehicle for civil society to participate in economic policymaking, but the PRSP process has been a sham.