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PRSSPower Rangers Super Samurai (TV series)
PRSSPublic Radio Satellite System (National Public Radio; Washington, DC)
PRSSPostgraduate Research Support Scheme (Australia)
PRSSPasir Ris Secondary School (Singapore)
PRSSPetronas Research & Scientific Services Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia)
PRSSPsoriasis-Related Stressor Scale (dermatology)
PRSSPainful Restricted Shoulder Syndrome
PRSSPassive Ranging Subsystem
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The PRSS metadata technology gives public radio stations the ability to issue text and graphic alerts synchronized with over-the-air broadcast messages to be heard and seen on mobile phones, HD radios, "connected car" devices, Radio Data System (RDS) displays, and via online audio streaming.
PRSS will provide participating stations with extensive engineering support and conduct quality-assurance tests.
On imaging, PRSS presents as a large, well-circumscribed, solid-cystic mass with a pseudo-capsule and heterogeneous enhancement; solid components demonstrate a 'rapid wash-in and slow wash-out' pattern of enhancement; retroperitoneal lymphadenopathy is rare.
Those examined in this study included the McGill Pain Questionnaire (Melzack, 1987; translation and adaptation: Melzack, 2005), The Arthritis Impact Measurement Scale 2 (AIMS2: Brandao, Zerbini, & Ferraz, 1995), PRSS (Flor, Behle & Birbaumer, 1993; translation and adaptation: Costa & Pinto-Gouveia, 2011) and the Chronic Pain Acceptance Questionnaire (CPAQ; McCracken, Vowles, & Eccleston, 2004; translation and adaptation: Costa & Pinto-Gouveia, 2009).
The Portuguese adaptation of PRSS (Costa & PintoGouveia, 2011) has the same factorial structure of those obtain by Flor et al.
MetaPub's dynamic system of integrating enhanced metadata into broadcast content is a logical next step to ensure public radio listeners have the best possible experience with their favorite shows," said Michael Beach, Vice President of NPR Distribution, which manages the PRSS.
The ContentDepot will allow PRSS to increase its efficiencies by shifting the management of content back into the hands of radio producers and stations.
The ContentDepot will convert the PRSS system from an exclusively real-time to a subscription model system for both live and pre-produced file-based broadcasts.
The PRSS is managed by the Distribution Division of NPR.
Once Galaxy XI commences service, NPR will migrate the PRSS from Galaxy VI, currently located at 99 degrees west longitude, to the newly launched spacecraft.
PRSS is a 100% wholly owned subsidiary of Petronas, a multi-billion dollar integrated oil company in Malaysia and listed on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange.
We put together a steering group of experts in the region - we provide training for the coordinator and members of the steering group - provide coordination of the process according to the planned schedule - provide a basis for a medium-term plan for the development of social services (site analysis, questionnaire survey, poll) - we catalog providers of social services - arrange for participants planning workshops, seminars - to inform and involve the public, including providers, advertisers and users of services - we term plan for development of social services - evaluate the effectiveness and performance of medium PRSS.