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PRTBPrivate Residential Tenancies Board (est. 2004; dispute resolution; Ireland)
PRTBPartido Renovador Trabalhista Brasileiro (Brazil political party)
PRTBPreserved Right to Buy (tenant agreement)
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A spokesman for estate agents Kiersey Walker & Associates, which manages the property, said: "We have asked the tenant to contact the Private Residential Tenancy Board as when she signed the Rental Agreement, it was registered with the PRTB, who are appointed to look into any disputes between Landlords and Tenants and both parties must agree to their findings.
a vuelta Joao Henrique PDT PSL, PSC, 43,0 74,6 PMN, PSDB, PRONA Cesar Borges PFL PP, PL, 21,9 25,3 PTN, PAN, PHS, PRP, PT DO B Nelson Pellegrino PT PV, PC 21,6 -- DO B Lidice da Mata PSB PMDB, PPS, 10,3 -- PCB Otros PSDC, Sin 2,8 -- PTB, coalicion PRTB, PTC, PSTU Fuente: TRIBUNAL SUPERIOR ELECTORAL (TSE).
But Mr McNamara said: "There are 750,000 tenants and if 10% refuse to pay charges, you could have 75,000 disputes going to the PRTB which is struggling handling 3,500.
Como si no bastara, los diversos micropartidos presentes en la Camara--PT do B, PRP, PHS, PTC, PSL, PRTB, PMN--tendian a pasar sus pocos votos al gobierno: de acuerdo con la misma fuente de informacion la tasa de apoyo al gobierno de estos partidos variaba entre el 87% y el 98%.