PRTFPsychiatric Residential Treatment Facility
PRTFPhase Retrieval Transfer Function (algorithm)
PRTFPrinter File
PRTFPower Rangers Time Force (TV show)
PRTFParks and Recreation Trust Fund (license plate fund, North Carolina)
PRTFPublic Relations Task Force (various organizations)
PRTFPig Research Trust Fund
PRTFPlease Return the Favor (slang)
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the PRTF must report a death of a facility resident (classified as a
than 24 hours after the serious occurrence." (171) Since both PRTF
mandatory reporting to next-of-kin in PRTF should be noted.
notification procedures exercised in PRTF should be carried over to the
PETF is also divided into various time slots reserved to exchange the new patterns generated during PRTF at each node to reflect the latest traffic information.
The amplification for slo, ska, sfb, fbp-54, prtf, spe A, spe B, spe C, scp and pbp genes when checked on agarose gel was found to be of <500, ~400, ~1400, 1500, <500, ~900, 1400, 1000, <1000 and 1200-1500 base pair in size, respectively.
Our frequency of prtf gene (72%) was similar to observations from Japan with prevalence of 77.3 per cent (15).
The reference M1 strain possessed maximum virulence factors tested except spe C, sfb and prtf. The most commonly and least found genes were ska and spe C respectively.
slo, ska, pbp, fbp54, prtf and scp encoding for major adherence/attachment factors were found in nearly 90 per cent of the severe pharyngitis cases whereas asymptomatic cases predominantly showed slo, ska and prtf.
Similar to our study for FBP genes particularly prtf, no significant difference in their distribution in pharyngitis isolates and asymptomatic carriers was observed earlier (19).