PRTLIProgramme for Research in Third Level Institutions (Ireland)
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However, the social sciences were eligible to benefit from investment by the HEA through PRTLI and other agencies, e.
Specifically, the funding under PRTLI was targeted at infrastructure [physical and human capital], and a significant part of the funding under IRCHSS was to support PhD and Post-doctoral researchers.
The key sources of funding to support social science research came in the form of funds for PRTLI programmes and the development of IRCHSS.
These are set out in Table 3, which shows the funds in current prices that were linked to building research capacity under the first four rounds of PRTLI.
The Geary Institute was alone in receiving explicit follow-up funding under PRTLI [in Cycle 3] and funding for ISDDA in Cycle 4.
There are three ways in which the approach to funding the ERI/ESRI differs from that for the PRTLI institute/centres.
By contrast, there would appear to have been essentially two dominant criteria in relation to the funding of PRTLI institutions: firstly, that they were to be centres of excellence at an international level and secondly, that their development was in line with the host HEI's development strategy.
Under the PRTLI system, institutes used their funding in different ways, with particular focus on strategies HC 1 and HC 4.
These two schemes are approximately those adopted by IRCHSS and PRTLI respectively-- quite a large portion of the funding under PRTLI in Table 3 above provided funds to support graduate students.
Table 4 shows the numbers of students funded under PRTLI and IRCHSS, along with PhD students supported under three other programmes--Irish Aid, North-South and Transport.
30) Disappointingly, a recent proposal to PRTLI for funding of students on such a structured PhD programme in economics did not received funding.
In the case of the PRTLI, what responsibilities do their institutions have to support them, given that they were proposed for strategic funding precisely because the relevant HEI(s) nominated them?