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PRTMParks, Recreation, and Tourism Management
PRTMPrinting Response Time Monitor
PRTMPittiglio, Robin, Todd and McGrath (management consulting firm)
PRTMPractical Radiation Technical Manual
PRTMPulmonary Residual Tumor Mass
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This reason is precisely why PRTM and AMR gathered the troops.
Early in her years at PRTM, she was a key member of the team that drove the development of the Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model--the Plan-Source-Make-Deliver framework that has since become an industry standard for supply chain leaders worldwide.
The acquisition of PRTM brings over 700 experienced consultants to PwC's global advisory practice, including 124 principals.
The firm, which focuses primarily on utilities and renewables, has decided to extend its global energy practice into the Middle East, said Dr Anil Khurana, Director at PRTM.
Companies that have implemented the five supply chain flexibility levers have, on average, achieved a 12 to 15 per cent revenue increase and reduced supply chain costs by 8 to 10 percent, according to PRTM.
The PRTM study, which was conducted in 2010, showed that Egypt's Orascom Telecom had become the eighth largest mobile network in the world by customer numbers, overtaking some of the well-established international operators.
With the worst of the global auto industry crisis over, auto supplier bankruptcies continue to slow while acquisitions are approaching record levels, according to the PRTM study.
North American supply chain companies, in contrast, not only do not make it on to the list but many are are headed for bankruptcy, PRTM said.
For example, one company that PRTM worked with had a combination of growth-oriented specialty and cash-generating commodity businesses, each of which had very different HR support needs.
Today the best of them are focused on gaining maximum leverage by fostering what PRTM characterizes as "cross-enterprise excellence.
DelVecchio, Technical Consulting Services: and "Quantum leap in polymer innovation performance through advanced technology management," Wolfram Keller, PRTM, Germany.
A consistent industry model has yet to emerge," noted PRTM consultant Thomas Godword.