PRTSPorts (street suffix)
PRTSPuritan Reformed Theological Seminary (Grand Rapids, MI)
PRTSPremium Rate Telephone Services (UK)
PRTSPacific Regional Transport Study (Pacific Islands Forum)
PRTSPins and Rubbers Traction System (orthopaedic surgery)
PRTSPrecedence Request Timeslot
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Surprisingly, MPV was correlated with HRPI (r = 0.343, P = 0.013) (Figure 1) and with the difference between maximum HR and minimum HR (r = 0.311, P = 0.025) and with PRTS at Sa[O.sub.2] <90% (r = 0.411, P = 0.001) in the OSA group.
New jobless An estimated 30,000 mostly young men are likely to have lost jobs with the disbanding of PRTs, introduced by the US in 2002 to support public diplomacy and reconstruction efforts in less secure provinces.
Department of Agriculture (USDA) experts joined this and other PRTs in 2003.
Individuals interested in foreign affairs, security, or development will enjoy his explanation of the function of the PRTs and the strategic advisory team.
Provincial Reconstruction Teams (PRTs) are at the heart of the "security and stability" campaign in Afghanistan.
In order to meet this challenge NATO was to take a two-fold approach: strengthening the military troops and creating a number of Provincial Reconstruction Teams (PRTs).
(8) Taking the US and German provincial reconstruction teams (PRTs) in Afghanistan as case studies, the study examines the overlapping complexity of policy fields between security, development, and human rights.
PRTs are a key component of the "build" portion of the clear-hold-build model of counterinsurgency that the Army is currently employing.
The success and experiences of Provincial Reconstruction Teams (PRTs) show the utility of SC in the COIN environment and its potential to provide combatant commanders (CCDRs) a valuable tool to achieve operational objectives.
TDW developed a plan to use a combination of its pipeline recovery tools (PRTs), SmartTrack remote tracking and pressure-monitoring system, and SmartPlug pipeline pressure isolation tools to isolate the affected pipeline sections.
Up to 30 sets of calibration constants for individual PRTs can be stored, allowing plug & play operation.
The PRTs are run by various Western nations as part of NATO s US-led International Security Assistance Force mission in Afghanistan.