PRTVPlateau Radio Television
PRTVPeterlee Relational Test Vehicle
PRTVProduction Representative Test Vehicles
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The 179 aircraft shown in the table do not include six Production Representative Test Vehicle (PRTV) II aircraft and two Engineering and Manufacturing Development (EMD) aircraft funded with research and development funding.
PRTV (1991), in Marketing Business, Chartered Institute of Marketing, London, January, p.
The idea behind Realty Emporium is for us to be able to offer buyers exclusive deals from our partner developers, and for owners and brokers of exclusive high-end properties to have their listings rise above the clutter and be seen by the right target buyers, says PRTV CEO and executive producer John Aguilar.
Through this latest innovation, PRTV partners with various groups for for-sale properties while also allowing buyers the luxury of finding the perfect deals and properties that match their needs.
One of the frontrunners in bridging the gap between consumer demand and business opportunities in the real estate sector is Philippine Realty TV (PRTV), the first and longest-running real estate and construction television show in the country.
(2) (7) Aia-s kasva-sid lille-d garden-INESS grow-PST:3PL flower-PL:NOM * In the garden were growing some flowers' (8) Aia-s ei kasva-nud lilli garden-INESS NEG grow-PPTC flower:PL:PRTV 'There were no flowers growing in the garden' (9) Aia-s kasva-s lilli garden-INESS grow-PST:3SG flower:PL:PRTV 'There were some flowers (growing) in the garden' (10) Klaasi-s loksu-s vesi / vett glass-INESS slosh-PST:3SG water:NOM / PRTV 'There was some water sloshing in the glass / It was water sloshing in the glass'
'now is entire village:NOM rumour: PRTV full that we go:QUOT-1PL tomorrow town:ILL'.
In 1999 the US Air Force ordered two production-representative test vehicles (PRTVs), but plans for six LRIP (low-rate initial production) F-22s were halted by Congress.