PRTVPeterlee Relational Test Vehicle
PRTVProduction Representative Test Vehicles
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Through this latest innovation, PRTV partners with various groups for for-sale properties while also allowing buyers the luxury of finding the perfect deals and properties that match their needs.
PRTV is now launching the Search for the Superstar Sellers, a reality series that will challenge aspiring real estate sales professionals in a bid to sell the most number of properties.
The program support contract contains annual options, which will be exercised concurrent with PRTV full award and Lot 1 production contracts.
Gravink joined PRTV in January 1994 as vice president, media, when PRTV purchased certain assets of Positive Results Media Inc.
Under the terms of the definitive agreement, PRTV will be merged with and into a newly formed wholly owned subsidiary of National Media, and PRTV shareholders will receive .
31, 1994, marked the first year in which PRTV controlled, either directly or through independent third-party representatives, all aspects of the direct marketing function for those products, and infomercials, either wholly owned by the company or owned through joint ventures.
LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 3, 1995--Positive Response Television (NASDAQ:PRTV) Wednesday announced that an individual had filed a purported class action lawsuit on behalf of himself and all other persons who purchased common stock of PRTV during the period from Jan.
The largest contributors to revenues during 1994 were distribution agreements under which PRTV participates with other companies in joint venture infomercials.
The Dick Clark agreement is expected to make a contribution to PRTV earnings beginning this year.
Levey said earnings gains are based primarily on the success of two wholly owned products introduced by PRTV in 1994 and distribution agreements for two infomercials developed by other companies.
Under these distribution agreements, PRTV will manage the distribution and media time of both products.