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PRUPrudential Financial
PRUPupil Referral Unit
PRUPhotographic Reconnaissance Unit
PRUPotomac Rugby Union (Washington, DC)
PRUProvincial Reconnaissance Unit
PRUProjets de Rénovation Urbaine
PRUPruhonice (seismological station)
PRUPhoto-Reconnaissance Unit
PRUProcessor Unit
PRUPublic Relations Unit
PRUPoverty Research Unit (University of Sussex)
PRUPlant Research Unit
PRUPopulation Research Unit
PRUPeripheral Resistance Unit
PRUPseudo-Random Upstream (Sequence)
PRUPacket Radio Unit (Digital Battlestaff Sustainment Trainer)
PRUPOGO Research Unit
PRUPersonnel Readiness Unit
PRUPay Research Unit (United Kingdom)
PRUProgramme de Réparations d'Urgences
PRUPalestine Research Unit
PRUPhotosynthesis Research Unit
PRUPoultry Research Unit (Glasgow University Veterinary School)
PRUPlate Recognition Unit
PRUPersonal Recording Unit
PRUPower Regulation Unit
PRUprimary reporting unit (US DoD)
PRUPlastics Recycling Update
PRUpararescue unit (US DoD)
PRUPediatric Rehabilitation Unit (Kennedy Krieger Institute)
PRUPassavant Roediger Umvelttechnik GmbH
PRUPoison Reverse Update
PRUPortable Replay Unit
PRUProgram Resources Unit
pRUPartially Row Uniform
PRUPower Rectifier Unit
PRUProduction Representative Unit
PRUPaleoenvironmental Research Unit (National University of Ireland, Galway)
PRUPatient Referral Unit (psychiatric)
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He announced the drawing up of a new framework for improving PRU provision that is focused on the six areas of leadership, accountability, resources, structure, learner wellbeing and outcomes.
While PRU certainly needs more manpower to promote the game, they are on the right track.
The PRU is a 200MHz low-latency multicore co-processor optimized for deterministic, real-time processing with local peripherals and memory that allows customers to save time and money by removing costly FPGAs or ASICs from system designs.
UARTs: The UART PRU daughter card and software increases the number of UARTs available from three on-chip UARTs to 11 (three on-chip and a maximum of eight created through software*) with free production quality code, optimized for complex, highly connected designs.
The Outlook revision to Stable reflects Fitch's view that PRU has made considerable progress addressing prior concerns regarding the company's capitalization, liquidity position, and overall financial flexibility.
The PRU was adjudged to be "unsatisfactory" - the lowest ranking possible and it must now draw up an action plan to show how it will address Estyn's recommendations.
Parliament's expenses watchdog is probing claims that taxpayers' cash, which funds the PRU, paid for a penthouse at a top Manchester hotel where the sex party is said to have taken place at the 2011 Tory conference.
PRU daughter cards are a demonstration product and are not guaranteed to be fully compliant to the specification.
The District PRU is a virtual school that consists of different providers who offer alternative education for up to 160 young people in small groups.
The PRU first hit the headlines last year after a report from the Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales found pupils had been locked in a padded "time-out" room with no light, food or access to a toilet for hours at a time.
President of the National Union of Teachers in Warwickshire Andy Summers said: "The NUT hopes that the issues raised by the unsuccessful reorganisation of the PRU since 2009, the pressures on the current PRU staff to meet school based Ofsted demands and the uncertainties facing the whole provision of education as schools flock to become self governing academies in a government led free for all will be addressed.
PRU has the right to defer interest for up to 5 years, or if a market disruption event is continuing, up to 10 consecutive years.