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In 1910 Marica Gregorcic Stepancic together with Ljudmila Prunk Utva published with Mira Sega a collection entitled Pravljice za mladino (Fairy Tales for Youth) and Utva also adapted Andersen's Fairy Tales (1923) in a fairy tale picture book entitled Krtek Buc (Buc, the Little Mole).
Gregoric Stepancic, Marica, and Ljudmila Prunk Utva.
Jim Lane, currently president of CDC, and Tim Prunk, currently COO, along with other members of the CDC management team, will remain with the company post-acquisition.
"The number of people who opt out is between 6 percent and 7 percent, and that number has been steady for 15 years," NDL's CEO Tim Prunk says.
As Prunk explains, "Our clients are Fortune 500 companies.
WEST ALBANY (79) - Morasci 17, Freeman 15, Roberts 13, Hansloven 12, Noble 10, Murphy 6, McHenry 5, Hibbert 1, Sweet, Prunk, Sim.