PRUSSProgrammable Realtime Unit Subsystem
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Pruss, "Optimal Lp-Lq-estimates for parabolic boundary value problems with inhomogeneous data," Mathematische Zeitschrift, vol.
Pruss explained a credit union core function is serving as intermediary for borrowers and lenders.
For liquid water above the triple point, the correlation given by Wagner and Pruss [7, 8] is straightforward and is in excellent agreement with the full solution of IAPWS-95.
This is possible as all CSM factories are RSPO certified," reveals CSM channel marketing director, Michael Pruss.
Whether a person has an odd or even number of eyelashes does not matter, and so is not meaningful (Pruss, 2013).
Sage-Grouse are endangered in Canada (Alberta Sage-Grouse Recovery Action Group 2005; Lungle and Pruss 2008), so females may mate more than once to overcome male infertility.
For example, the thermodynamic properties of water (both liquid and vapor) are thoroughly described by equations of state (Wagner and Pruss, 2002).
Anthony McCarthy and Alexander Pruss argue in "Condoms and HIV Transmission" that attempts to use the principle of double effect to justify the use of condoms by HIV-serodiscordant married couples fails and that such couples "may need to abstain from intercourse entirely and show their love in other ways" (158).