PRVHProspect Road Veterinary Hospital (Australia)
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For the 'Speculative' part, as of September 30, 2006 PRVH balance sheet shows negative net working capital and negative shareholders equity.
All Investrend Research reports published for PRVH, including important disclosures and disclaimers, are also available via the company's InvestorPower(TM) Page, posted at Investrend.
PRVH is enrolled in Investrend Research's pioneering professional research program, which facilitates independent analysts to provide coverage for shareholders in companies that otherwise would have little or no analyst following.
The terms of the agreement with Terra-Firma Gas & Oil, LLC are very favorable for PRVH, a 75% share in the net working interest from the first two wells until PRVH capital funding is repaid and a 50% share in the net working interest for the life of the two wells.
Also, PRVH advisory and consulting business has recently achieved a new dimension that could lead to some regular source of noticeable revenues.