PRVSPitch-Regulated Variable Speed (turbines)
PRVSPrecision Radial Velocity Spectrograph
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The high number of DMAs implies a greater number of PRVs installed, leading to better management of pressure.
PRVs are used to lower the municipal water supply pressure feeding commercial buildings and homes, according to a spokesman for the Saudi-based UBM, the authorised dealer for Zurn products in Saudi Arabia and a leading player in the kingdom's building materials segment.
Finally, the apparent genetic relationships among PRVs and the sufficient genomic variants in the field isolate strain FJ-2012 are identified to distinguish it from 2 major genotypes based on phylogenetic analysis, which might be a factor contributing to the vaccination failure in a vaccinated farm.
Proper performance of a center pivot equipped with PRVs requires that regulated pressure remains as steady as possible to ensure adequate uniformity and efficiency of irrigation.
474, otherwise known as the Maritime Industry Decree of 1974, to integrate the development, promotion and regulation of the maritime industry in the country in terms of Shipbuilding, Shipbreaking, Drydocking and Repairs, Transshipment of Cargoes and Expansion of PRVs.
For large pharmaceutical companies, PRVs act as innovation
Summary: Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) [India], June 25 (ANI): As a pilot project, all Dial-100 Police Response Vehicles' (PRV) sirens will play tunes of "Jagte Raho" (stay awake) in Lucknow, Abhay Mishra, Circle Officer, Hazratganj said on Tuesday.
12.61 % in Australia; cheeks: 10.91% in PRvs. 9.27% in Australia).
(10) Anterior PRVS has been described with the following features: retrolental vascular membrane, elongated ciliary processes, shallow anterior chamber, and thin lens.
In the first category, special attention was given to the PRVs. Dae-Woon et al.