PRWGPassenger Rail Working Group (National Surface Transportation Policy and Revenue Study Commission)
PRWGPublic Reporting Working Group (Gap, Inc.)
PRWGPeer Review Working Group
PRWGPaper Recycling Working Group (industry association)
PRWGPerformance Review Working Group (Commission for the Conservation of Southern Bluefin Tuna)
PRWGProfiling and Reconciliation Working Group (New Zealand)
PRWGPseudo-Random Waveform Generator
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Subsequently, prospective teachers were asked to gather in their PRWG and continue to examine assumptions about socio-economic status as they appeared in their journal entries and drafts.
Influenced by the activities in their PRWG and others facilitated in the seminar, Sonia's and Edwina's final drafts exhibited significant changes.
Participation in the PRWG and the increased interaction with families appeared to pay off, as Edwina turned in her final draft:
Edwina' newly acquired attitude towards struggling students was consistent with the spirit of the discussions on her PRWG, and the writing that each individual member was able to showcase at the end of the semester.
The writing inspired by intense contact with the urban community stakeholders, later shared and reexamined within the PRWG, enabled students like Sonia and Edwina to reconceptualize their initially narrow perspectives of the events witnessed in the field and the people involved in them.
The first decision made by the PRWG was to agree on the charge for this workgroup.
For example, the PRWG members believed that format reporting decisions should be made independently of actual data on patient satisfaction, so that there would be no opportunity for the final report to be influenced by any particular hospital's standing in the data.
To give the PRWG a solid foundation for launching the format development process, the next step involved education of the PRWG participants about public reporting.
Providing background materials for review by the PRWG.
The PRWG agreed on the objectives for the public report: (1) to disseminate comparative data on patient satisfaction with hospital care in Rhode Island, (2) to provide information relevant to health care decisionmaking, and (3) to meet the intent of the legislation.
The PRWG developed a report outline based on these key messages and then made several decisions early in the process about how data would be reported and about the other content that would be included in the report.
The survey of the Coordinating Committee and PRWG members requested that investigators send a list of citations for original, peer-reviewed, and pain-relevant publications from the most recent 5 years (since 2001) to the third author.