PRWORAPersonal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996
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Under PRWORA, states must require parents who receive TANF assistance to participate in "work activities" after a maximum of twenty-four months.
To the extent that choice-based rationing's roots are philosophical, they extend far beyond the narrow right-wing core that piloted PRWORA to enactment.
In the face of PRWORA, perhaps the most realistic goals to which economically and socially impoverished members of society might aspire are partial solutions to the problems of daily living and survival.
8) When one compares the number of hours of work mandated by PRWORA to the dollar amount of the benefit, it has been estimated that many states are paying welfare recipients more than fifty percent below minimum wage.
15) These elements of the welfare system continued to have profound impact on the mid-1990s reforms, helping to shape the structure of the PRWORA.
164) Since the PRWORA, low-income immigrants have had significantly lower participation rates in Medicaid than low-income citizens.
Some point to the fact that today--nearly 20 years later--one out of seven people in America are living in poverty and, therefore, the goals of PRWORA were never accomplished.
Another reason why aliens granted deferred action may be eligible for state and local benefits, in particular, is that PRWORA expressly contemplates states enacting legislation, subsequent to PRWORA's enactment, that "affirmatively provides" for "unlawfully present aliens" to receive state and local public benefits.
In section one, "Describing the Work Support System," Stoker and Wilson define and describe federal- and state-level programs designed to meet the requirements of those needing assistance under PRWORA.
Further, the PRWORA helps to make sense of the abortion funding cases.
But the evaluation challenge posed by the PRWORA seems to be greater than that which normally prevails.