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If a person who prys into the characters of others, with no other design but to discover their faults, and to publish them to the world, deserves the title of a slanderer of the reputations of men, why should not a critic, who reads with the same malevolent view, be as properly stiled the slanderer of the reputation of books?
"Our debt to the Urdd is huge, and to Prys Edwards in particular.
Prys Edwards, an Urdd Gobaith Cymru honorary president, said: 'Owen and myself decided to sell Gwyndy to a Welsh-speaking family, bearing in mind the strong links with Welsh culture.
<B Farmers and consumers join Prys Morgan to sample Welsh Lamb on the HCC supermarket tour
According to Rhodri Prys Jones, who will be accompanied by pianist Conal Bembridge-Sayers, he is excited about making his North Wales International Music Festival debut during what is a busy year for the 26-year-old from Llanwddyn, near Oswestry.
Chief executive Gwyn Howells said: "I am delighted to announce that Prys is taking up this new and exciting role with HCC.
PRYS MORGAN (right) UK sheep procurement controller at the VION Food Group.
Secretary of State for Wales Alun Cairns said: "I welcome Prys' appointment to the group to represent Welsh business interests as we seek to strengthen our trading relationships after leaving the EU.
I have also read that Merion Prys of the Welsh language Board would have us believe the language is in crisis and wants the Welsh government to quadruple the amount invested in developing and protecting the language.
"Er ei fod yn gallu bod yn gymeriad digon snichlyd a sbeitlyd yn aml, mae wedi dod yn gymeriad mwy bodlon ei fyd ers iddo ef a Llinos gael mab bach, Prys. Roedd Rhydian yn meddwl y byddai'n hen lanc am byth, felly mae bod yn dad a byw gyda Llinos y tu hwnt i'w freuddwydion," meddai'r actor 39 oed, sy'n byw yn y Barri.
Meirion Prys Jones, chief executive of the Welsh Language Board said: "Right from the start John Lewis considered how bilingualism will impact on the design of the store and, in turn, the customer experience."
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